NBM 5030 Concrete Block Machine

They are machines operating with hydraulic system in the pressure range of 120-200 bar. It produces 12 pieces of 20 * 40 * 20 CM standard briquettes and 42 pieces of paving stones. Printing pallets are required for production. The concrete pressed in the molds is pressed on the pallets. Products produced in the same way are left to dry on the printing pallets.
A + (A PLUS) energy-saving products
EFF3 class electric motors
Free spare parts with the machine
2+1 total 3 years warranty
Compliance with ISO 9001:2008 total quality management system
CE Declaration of conformity with European norms
"HIGHLINE" product models with trained personnel
Fast service and spare parts assurance
Material use according to DIN and TSEK norms
Easy selection of programs
Auto / Manual selection freedom
Authorization certificate at the end of the training period
Stopping, holding and resuming
Forklift transport option
Internet troubleshooting option
Compliance with low voltages directive
Hidrolik Silindir (Piston) Kuvvet Hesabı